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We help our readers make well-informed purchasing and planning decisions that transform their businesses. Our primary content types include:

  • Feature articles exploring emerging technologies and their present and potential influence on businesses and organizations.
  • In-depth case studies and feature stories illustrating how large companies or organizations are utilizing technology to enhance their business operations.
  • Profiles of leaders that showcase recommendations based on their practices, innovative thinking, and thought leadership in the industry.
  • Trend stories highlighting the impact of emerging technologies on specific businesses, market sectors, or entire industries.
  • Insightful commentary from IT leaders discussing successful IT and technology strategies and their effects on the business landscape.
  • Career guides are developed in collaboration with successful working professionals, companies and educators to provide comprehensive and up-to-date resources for individuals seeking career advancement and growth.
  • Direct-to-point tutorials offer tips and commentary from project contributors and experts in the field.

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Contextual Advertising

Not all businesses share the same marketing objectives. That's why we provide a diverse range of media tools and tailored services, enabling marketers to construct a program that caters to their specific needs.


  • Sponsored Article
  • Banner Ads (Text and Image)
  • Newsletters (Reports and Research)
  • In-Article Video

Native Advertising

  • Native Content Distribution Ad Unit
  • Partner Perspectives
  • Sponsored Article

Lead Generation

  • Content Syndication
  • Trend Reports
  • Topic Alignment Program (TAP)
  • Virtual Events (Recommendations)
  • Webinars (Recommendations)