This guide offers a concise overview of guest commentaries, article submissions, and participation in interviews with our editors for research and insights. welcomes pitches from media agencies, industry leaders, and independent writers covering a wide variety of subjects. We welcome writers of all expertise levels and diverse backgrounds to submit their ideas. We are particularly interested in receiving pitches from writers belonging to underrepresented groups in technology and education, as well as those from developing nations.

We welcome well-informed and technically sound contributions from IT practitioners. By sharing innovative ideas, insights on recent technology implementations, and IT leadership experiences, our contributors can benefit both their peers and those pursuing a leadership path. 

In general, we accept commentary (typically 350 words), analysis pieces (500 words), and features (700 words) from contributors we interview.

Guest Article Submissions

Our goal is to publish content on the intersection between technology and humans; the point at which technology meets the real world. We aim to be informative by staying up-to-date and providing expository content on how technology is changing our world.

Please read the following guidelines first, then send your pitches or submissions through this blog pipeline submission form.

For feature articles/stories related to emerging technologies and their current and potential impact on education, business, and organizations, please review the key types of content we support on this Contextual Advertising page.

AI Content policy

We do not accept the use of generative AI for creating any part or all of your content except AI Generated graphics or illustrations with credits. Our submissions pipeline is connected with AI plagiarism tools to verify the accuracy, reliability, and original source of the content.

It is your human experience that we seek to share with other IT practitioners.


To make your content (commentary/article) is most useful to readers, consider the following tips:

  • Drawing from your own experiences can make your content more relatable and engaging for our readers.
  • Share solutions to common problems or mistakes that you or your team have encountered and provide actionable takeaways for our readers.
  • Avoid making generalizations and instead provide concrete information to support your points.
  • Make sure that your content is fresh and relevant and not a reporting or mass promotion. 
  • Please focus on the bigger picture and consider how your insights can benefit your readers.

Editing process

We will carefully edit your submission to ensure proper context; therefore, it must be readable and clean when we receive it. We may have some follow-up questions, and we are happy to discuss those with the contributor, of course.


Read it out loud, put it through spell check, and fact check. The easier it is for us to read, the more quickly we will have an answer for you. If it doesn't meet our standards, we will decline the submission.

Submit your draft as a Word attachment or share a Google Drive link, and we will respond within 3-5 business days.

You MUST have the following elements in a Word document for submitting an article or we will not be able to review:

  • Headline (60 characters or less, including spaces) for articles.
  • Short summary (approximately two sentences or 160 characters or less, including spaces)
  • Contributor byline (Full name, Title, Company)
  • Contributor bio (100 words or less; hyperlinks allowed)
  • Contributor photo (Small, square shape, and in jpg format)
  • Contributor email address (Required for creating an author page but the email will be hidden from public view)
  • Guest Article (No longer than 850 words)
  • Optional: Github profile, Twitter handle, and LinkedIn address