The 7 Best DevOps Bootcamp Tracks with Open Source Specialty

Now is the perfect time to build the next-generation skills you need for a rewarding career in DevOps with expert-led, open-source bootcamp programs.

The 7 Best DevOps Bootcamp Tracks with Open Source Specialty
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DevOps is established as an indispensable software development methodology and, therefore, the application of best practices to deliver applications and services at high velocity. The astronomical rise in cloud usage, however, underpins why the number of Cloud DevOps engineer roles is increasing, making DevOps more popular than ever.

Now, you can learn the skills you need for a high-paying job in DevOps and Cloud Engineering without going into debt. There are programs that equip you and also validate the depth of your open-source skills to potential employers, most of whom report that they are more likely to hire professionals holding respected badges and specialty certifications for open-source technologies like Linux, Kubernetes, and Cloud Foundry from vendor-neutral entities like the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and The Linux Foundation.

DevOps Bootcamps with Open Source Certifications

These programs are edifying for developers to gain a deeper understanding of DevOps, and high velocity open source projects. From the fundamentals, you will build advanced technical skills for roles in DevOps engineering, site reliability engineering, and cloud engineering.

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Cloud Native Developer IT Professional Program

The best tech jobs today are in cloud-native computing, but picking up cloud-native skill set hasn't been easy for anyone. Until now. This new bootcamp from The Linux Foundation and CNCF aims to equip you with the containers, Kubernetes, and GitOps knowledge you need for a high-end cloud job.

It starts with an introduction to open-source software development, Git, and Linux. From there, moves into specific DevOps and SRE fundamentals, followed by Kubernetes and Containers for Developers. You'll then finish with the Kubernetes Application Developer Certification program and advanced training in using GitOps for continuous delivery (CD) on Kubernetes with Flux.

DevOps Bootcamp
Cloud Native Bootcamp with CKAD for Developers and Software engineers

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As a reputable non-profit organization offering advanced tech bootcamps, The Linux Foundation and CNCF have developed this program to expand the pool of open-source talent for organizations. It's challenging yet exceedingly valuable for cloud-native and DevOps job roles. Upon completion of the entire bootcamp, you will earn a respected badge and a Kubernetes Certification — CKAD valid for 3 years. The program also includes live instructor support and dedicated mentorship.

DevOps IT Professional Program

DevOps Bootcamp is a comprehensive IT professional program developed by The Linux Foundation to introduce beginners to DevOps and DevSecOps. It begins with an introduction to DevOps and SRE, progresses to specific DevOps toolsets like Jenkins, and concludes with more advanced topics, such as GitOps (Kubernetes) and implementing DevSecOps.

DevOps leaders from CNCF, experts in their respective open-source projects, have curated the content and hands-on practice projects. These resources aim to prepare developers for success in Cloud DevOps engineering job roles. And the learner support is available through interactive forums and live video chats with instructors, providing daily technical guidance throughout your learning journey.

DevOps Bootcamp by The Linux Foundation
High-ROI DevOps Bootcamp by The Linux Foundation and CNCF

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If you’re unsure about DevOps and seek a low-cost but thorough introduction, this is one of the best bootcamps available, offering live instruction and mentorship for an economical price. The curriculum covers everything from DevOps to GitOps to DevSecOps, and students earn a respected badge for completing the entire bootcamp. It follows a slightly more structured approach compared to self-paced online learning.

DevOps IT Professional Program — The Linux Foundation & CNCF

Cloud DevOps Engineer Nanodegree

Udacity is another learning platform that offers a Cloud DevOps Nanodegree program with technical guidance to learn the DevOps and Cloud Native skills, which are crucial to modern software development. You will learn the fundamentals of Cloud Native practices and everything from DevOps principles to more advanced topics like designing and deploying infrastructure as code, deploying scalable microservices using Kubernetes, etc.

This program also takes a vendor-neutral approach to teaching skills that can be applied in any software environment. You will also learn how to build and monitor CI/CD pipelines for different deployment strategies to deliver applications and services at high velocity. It is one of the best learning programs to develop job-ready DevOps and Cloud engineering skills.

DevOps Bootcamp for Cloud Professionals
Cloud DevOps Engineer Nanodegree by Udacity

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This Nanodegree is practically suitable for developers looking to upskill and build an interview-ready Cloud DevOps portfolio. It’s particularly good for self-paced learners who need outside structure to stay motivated, like technical mentorship and career services, to land a high-paying role.

Cloud Engineer IT Professional Program

The Cloud Engineer is one of the highest paying tech jobs, making this exper-led program an excellent choice for cloud developers aiming to become competitive in this consumption-driven economy. You should consider taking this Cloud Engineer program, as it introduces you to the Linux operating system layer, covering networking and system administration. From there, it progresses into DevOps, SRE, Kubernetes, containers, and more, providing all the knowledge needed to work as a Cloud DevOps Engineer/Administrator. It's worth the time and effort.

This program helps solidify your basics in Linux, networking, applications, build, and release procedures. You'll learn the best DevOps practices, tools, and methodologies frequently used by Cloud Native engineers. Additionally, it includes extensive hands-on labs and assignments, offering daily technical guidance and intensive career coaching to help you land your first job.

DevOps Bootcamp
Cloud Engineer bootcamp and certification for Cloud DevOps

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This bootcamp teaches trending skills such as Cloud DevOps, SRE, Linux SysAdmin, Kubernetes Administration, and more. It guides students from beginners to job-ready cloud engineers, providing well-respected certifications that demonstrate real-world skills sought by hiring managers for their DevOps hires. Moreover, this program prepares you for the Linux SysAdmin certification. After acquiring Linux skills, you'll conclude your training with the Kubernetes Certification (CKA) program and advanced training in Kubernetes and Containers.

Cloud Engineer Bootcamp — CNCF & The Linux Foundation

Certified Kubernetes Administrator - CKA

The CKA program is also governed by two reputable organizations in the Cloud Computing ecosystem: CNCF and The Linux Foundation. It is a much sought-after certification in DevOps, as Kubernetes has become an essential tool for DevOps teams in building, deploying, and scaling enterprise-grade pipelines.

The Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) is a practical, hands-on exam that offers the required experience to learn the best DevOps practices with Kubernetes. Before registering for the exam, refine your programming skills and build sysadmin or operations knowledge. It shouldn’t take months of preparation, provided you dedicate time every day to study and practice.

DevOps Bootcamp for Kubernetes Professionals
CKA by The Linux Foundation

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Having a CKA certification is essential for any DevOps professional, as DevOps engineers are consistently in demand. If you aspire to become a Cloud DevOps engineer, consider enrolling in this program. CKA is an excellent credential for DevOps engineers/administrators, helping establish credibility and value in the competitive job market.

Certified Kubernetes Administrator — CNCF & The Linux Foundation

DevOps Learning Path

Another top source for skill-specific DevOps and Cloud computing training is KodeKloud. This DevOps Learning path has gained prominence as an affordable alternative to traditional DevOps bootcamps. The most attractive feature of the program is that you can learn about infrastructure automation, lean and agile transformation, security, monitoring, and essential DevOps basics.

The learning program starts with an introduction to DevOps, Git, and Linux. It then delves into Docker, Kubernetes, Golang, and specific DevOps toolsets such as Jenkins, Ansible, and Terraform. Subsequently, you'll be prepared to learn about Kubernetes DevOps and Security.

Best DevOps Bootcamp and Learning Path
DevOps Learning Path by KodeKloud

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This DevOps learning path is certainly worth considering. It covers everything you need for Cloud DevOps jobs, providing training in highly sought-after skills like Docker, Go programming, Kubernetes DevOps & DevSecOps, Ansible, Terraform, Puppet, Chef, and more. Additionally, the program focuses on preparing beginners for DevOps interviews through the KodeKloud Engineer environment, offering practical, hands-on experience with real project tasks on actual systems.

Advanced Cloud Engineer Bootcamp

DevOps jobs are good, but even better in these cloud-native days is a cloud DevOps engineer job. This advanced cloud engineering bootcamp is designed for aspiring cloud engineers to specialize in developing and operating cloud-based applications and services. You'll gain hands-on lab experience in managing and delivering cloud-based applications, along with the infrastructure that supports them.

This program will help you solidify your basics in Containers, Kubernetes, and Service Mesh. The fundamentals will expose you to topics and prepare you to take the Kubernetes Certified — CKA exam. Moving forward, it covers system monitoring, cloud-native logging, and Kubernetes application management, providing all the Cloud-Native and DevOps knowledge needed to work as a cloud DevOps engineer. It also includes extensive dedicated mentorship from Cloud engineers and DevOps experts to assist you in planning, creating, and structuring an excellent DevOps portfolio for jobs.

DevOps Bootcamp for Cloud Engineering
Advanced Cloud Engineering for DevOps Engineers

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CNCF and The Linux Foundation focus on providing students with as many hands-on skills as possible to prepare them for DevOps and Cloud engineering roles. Through a wealth of hands-on labs, exercises, and lectures, this bootcamp offers the opportunity to delve into the various intricacies of Cloud engineering and introduces learners to the best DevOps practices, tools, and methodologies frequently used by Cloud engineers at MAANG companies.


If you are considering a career in DevOps and contemplating the next steps, your primary focus should be on your education and open-source technologies. Skills are learned lesson by lesson. By honing your technical skills and abilities, you can significantly enhance your success rate in DevOps. For numerous individuals, investing in a DevOps bootcamp with open-source certification has proven to be one of the best investments they've ever made.