The Best Serverless Monitoring Tools in 2021

Serverless computing has become a next-generation public cloud service that auto-scales and charges only when used.

If you are diving into Serverless or migrating from a server-based to serverless architecture, these serverless monitoring tools will help you to examine the security, track the serverless architecture, pinpoint and troubleshoot threats.

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Serverless Monitoring

If you want to learn about the key serverless computing concepts, you can jump-start with a free serverless course and learn from the best serverless practitioners.

You will find that these Serverless monitoring platforms offer strong support and easy to access documentation to their users to overcome obstacles.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

11 Best Serverless Monitoring Tools from World Leading Companies.

These easy to use Serverless Monitoring Tools provide rich features for the seamless integrations as well as Infrastructure for monitoring health, status check, verify logs, debugging, and much more.

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SenseDeep is a very trusted serverless monitoring platform for AWS that allows users to troubleshoot the services with real-time invocation traces.

It is one of the fastest serverless observability platforms for AWS that also helps you to create and display lambda function metrics.

How it works?

Once you have integrated your AWS account with SenseDeep Cloud, you’ll quickly discover your Lambda functions and Log groups.

If you have Lambda functions, then you will find the Lambda summary graphs displayed on the main page ( Dashboard ) with a detailed view of each lambda function.

Serverless Monitoring for AWS, Google Cloud Functions and Azure Functions
SenseDeep Serverless Monitoring
Is it right for you?

SenseDeep is a reliable serverless monitoring tool which allows automating error detection for serverless applications.

You’ll find the automated alerts and notifications for metrics and application events exceedingly useful for the streamlined monitoring and troubleshooting.

New Relic

IOPipe acquired by New Relic is an excellent Observability platform for serverless applications with applied intelligence to help users instrument everything from Monolithic to the serverless architecture.

It provides a very powerful Incident Intelligence with simple insights to analyze, troubleshoot, and optimize your entire software stack, all from one Unified interface.

How it works?

This is a Full-Stack observability platform for monitoring Lamda-based event driven architectures. Including, but not limited to the Infrastructure and Digital Experience Monitoring.

It supports Node, Java, and Python and requires no AWS data access.

Serverless Monitoring by New Relic
Serverless Monitoring by New Relic
Is it right for you?

New Relic is suitable for developers who prefer real-time updates, tracing, filtered search, profiling, and serverless monitoring apps.

This serverless monitoring tool offers proactive detection to diagnose, and respond to incidents faster.

Most importantly, you’ll find the documentation well organized with excellent community and Global technical support.

AWS CloudWatch

Amazon CloudWatch is a metrics repository, a monitoring service for AWS cloud resources and the applications you run on AWS.

How it works?

If you are running a serverless application on AWS, then you will be able to use all the functionalities of AWS CloudWatch to put metrics into the repository, and you’ll be able to retrieve statistics based on those metrics.

So, If you put your own custom metrics into the repository, you can retrieve statistics on these metrics as well.

serverless monitoring tools
AWS CloudWatch
Is it right for you?

You can use AWS CloudWatch to easily monitor and proactively spot issues before they cause serious damage to the architecture.

Although, Some users have complained that there is no simple switch to disable alarms through the EC2 console however the ability to set and remove alarms with Lambda is very easy.

Most importantly, If your serverless application is an Open Source project, then you should leverage AWS Promotional Credits

Google Cloud Operations Suite

Google Cloud’s operations suite ( formerly Google Stack driver ) is a multi-cloud solution, providing visibility into the performance, availability, and health of your applications and infrastructure.

Google Cloud Monitoring platform provides a wide variety of tools to help you monitor and debug GCP-hosted applications and includes support for monitoring AWS Lamda applications as well.

How it works?

Google Cloud offers real-time log management and analysis in their Cloud Operations Suite, providing ability to Monitor, troubleshoot, and improve the application performance.

Metrics, events, and metadata are displayed with rich query language that helps identify trends and uncover patterns.

Google Cloud Operations
Google Cloud Operations for Serverless Monitoring
Is it right for you?

Google has undoubtedly been a tough AWS and Microsoft Azure Competitor and is very suitable for GCP users, especially Startups.

It is very suitable for system administrators and cloud associate engineers to Identify issues and prevent them and also reduce monitoring overhead all within Google Cloud Operations suite.

Also, you’ll find that Google maintains higher standards of keeping the documentation up-to date and providing free training material with help from the thousands of Cloud experts.


Dashbird is a developer friendly Serverless Monitoring platform designed to be very logical and tidy.

Dashbird Interface is easier for monitoring and debugging problems to better understand what is happening with the Lambdas and API gateways in your account.

How it works?

Dashbird collects all the necessary data from your application automatically, so that you can use metrics to compose Dashboards and also search or filter out meaningful events.

The platform actively analyzes logs and metrics to detect errors and changes in application performance.

Is it right for you?

Dashbird is exceedingly useful for debugging the script that you have prepared by getting the logs itself and you will see the detailed overview of your serverless solution usage and receive alerts of errors occurred.

They also offer excellent support and deliver actionable insights for best practices.

Most importantly, Dashbird team is keen to help you resolve issues and take product suggestions or critique with grace.


Lumigo is a serverless monitoring platform with an exceedingly simple user interface for debugging and Serverless observability.

This platform is much differtent from many other serverless monitoring tools, and packed with automation features and simple data visualizations to Identify problems. 

How it works?

Lumigo provides visual debugging feature with simple filters to ensure everything is displayed in a visual map which also can be searched and Lumingo Engineering team leverages AWS Lambda Layers for a seamless integration.

This platform heavily uses machine learning and heuristic analysis for predictive analytics to provide alerts beforehand on issues that will very likely impact the life-cycle of serverless applications.

Serverless Monitoring
Serverless Monitoring by Lumigo
Is it right for you?

Lumigo is suitable for Developers and Cloud System Administrators to be equipped with easy-to use tools for Full observability with traces, logs and metrics of a specific transaction in one place.

The Visual System Map is a very simple feature to remain aware and get up-to-date views of your entire architecture, with layers of information, displaying recorded events such as warnings about issues, metrics, costs — and the ability to navigate through the framework “about the life-cycle primarily” of your architecture with a click.

Splunk + SignalFx

SignalFx by Splunk is an End-to-End Observability platform for serverless applications with powerful yet simpler log investigation mechanisms.

It provides very powerful tools for tracing and fast troubleshooting with the automated incident response. 

How it works?

Splunk provides insights into your cloud-native applications and Microservices architecture with Real-Time visibility and performance monitoring for your functions to accelerate developer productivity.

Serverless Monitoring by Splunk
Serverless Monitoring by Splunk
Is it right for you?

SignalFX platform is suitable for experienced developers and engineers to programatically control the data without worrying about vendor lock-in.

This enterprise-level platform is perfect for tracking, optimizing and troubleshooting serverless applications. Moreover, with full-fidelity tracing to always stay informed.


Thundra offers end-to-end Serverless Observability to sustain application health and Security.

It separates execution data from the Lambda function and supports diagram reading, debugging, and end-to-end serverless architecture observability.

Moreover, Thundra offers  detailed distributed system monitoring and doesn’t increase the execution time latency.

How it works?

Thundra heavily uses Machine Learning and Data Science to understand the application behaviour patterns identifying anomalies which are automatically blacklisted or other automated actions that are taken.

Serverless Monitoring
Serverless Monitoring by Thundra
Is it right for you?

Thundra is primarily Java focused which can be discouraging for Python and Node.js developers with limited learning resources.

It is however easy to setup and bring the application onboard using CloudWatch Logs but it requires access to AWS data.


Epsagon offers a robust automated and distributed tracing across your most complex serverless environments, providing a single pane of glass for services, intuitive interface and infrastructural components.

Their support extends with a range of correlations and serverless monitoring platform tools, aiming to provide much simpler data visualisations to give a bigger picture of your app’s performance.

How it works?

You will find that customizable logs and cloud management tools come in handy while going about app performance which is very helpful to eliminate bottlenecks fast and efficiently.

Serverless Monitoring
Serverless Monitoring by Espagon
Is it right for you?

Espagon is excellent for AWS Lambda Troubleshooting but still lacks the support for several AWS accounts and mobile optimization.

It is however excellent for AWS Lambda troubleshooting and they do have a powerful support team.


Sentry makes debugging effective with Python and AWS Lambda to keep your serverless applications up and running.

Sentry provides tools to get real time visibility into the execution environment and report all relevant information to quickly debug issues.

How it works?

Sentry uses run-time instrumentation to capture errors which helps users to diagnose the problem and get to the root cause of that problem by using stack traces, breadcrumbs, function context and environment context.

Serverless Monitoring
Serverless Monitoring by Sentry
Is it right for you?

Sentry is a perfect for beginners and is suitable for companies who are looking to quickly identify function latencies.

Moreover, Sentry also provides the features for the distributed tracing in addition to error monitoring for serverless functions.

Serverless Framework PRO

Serverless Framework Pro offers tools that can do more than monitoring and troubleshooting of your serverless applications.

With Serverless Framework Pro, you can completely manage the serverless application’s lifecycle, automate everything including zero-config CI/CD, observability, troubleshooting & more.

How it works?

You can easily connect to your AWS and Github accounts, select your repo, and then you are ready to test and deploy.

There is no need for shell scripts, test commands, dependency installation, deploy commands or configuration files in your repository.

Serverless Monitoring
Serverless Monitoring by Serverless Framework PRO
Is it right for you?

Serverless Framework Pro is suitable for small companies to streamline development and is perfect for hackers to use the Pro features for free.

Serverless Framework Pro provides transaction explorer feature that scans for anomalies in memory usage, durations, cold starts and errors in your applications.

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