How to Setup an Instance on Google Cloud ?

Google Cloud

Google Cloud Platform, offered by Google, is a suite of cloud computing services that run on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its end-user products, such as Google Search and YouTube. learn more


Setup an Instance on Google Cloud

Follow the Instructions below to deploy an instance on Google Cloud Platform;

Step 1. Create New Project In Google Cloud Platform

Once you’ve signed up for Trial or purchased Google Cloud, you’ll need to log into your Google account and access the Google Cloud Console. From the Project drop-down, click Create project:

Setup WordPress On Google Cloud. Create Google Cloud Project
Create a Google Cloud Project

Step 2. Navigate to Compute Engine

Google Compute Engine offers high-performance virtual machines, customer-friendly pricing, fast networking, and carbon-neutral impact.

Go to VM Instances

Google Compute Engine
Google Compute Engine offers high-performance virtual machines

Step 3. Create an Instance

Click, Create Instance

  • Enter Deployment Name – Deployment name can only contain lowercase characters, numbers or dashes. It must start with a lowercase letter and cannot end with a dash.
  • Select Zone – The zone determines what computing resources are available and where your data is stored and used Learn more
  • Configure Machine Type – Machine types determine the specifications of your machines, such as the amount of memory, virtual cores, and persistent disk limits an instance will have. Learn more about machine types
  • Boot Disk Type – Change to Debian 8 (Jessie)Storage space is much less expensive for a standard persistent disk. An SSD persistent disk is better for random IOPS or streaming throughput with low latency. Learn more
  • Firewall – By default, all incoming traffic from outside a network is blocked. Select the type of network traffic you want to allow. Learn more Check both Allow HTTP & HTTPS Traffic.
  • Finally, Click on Create and Wait for Google to generate an IP Address and provide SSH Access.

Follow the instructions below to ensure that successfully create an instance.

Create an Instance
Create a Virtual Machine Instance using a Boot Disk Image

Step 4. Change Boot Disk to Debian 8 (Jessie)

Debian is a Unix-like computer operating system that is composed entirely of free software and packaged by a group of individuals participating in the Debian Project. read more

Debian 8 Jessie
Debian is for People who don’t want to be Noobs.

Step 4. Finally, Create

Scroll down to Click on Create and Wait for Google to generate an IP Address and provide you SSH link to access Terminal.

Create Instance Google Cloud Platform
Review Instance Configuration to Continue.

Step 5. Launch Terminal

Click on SSH to Launch Terminal so that we get our hands dirty on CLI


That’s it!

You’ve successfully Setup Instance on Google Cloud and Debian. 

Click here to learn how you can install Apache Web Server, MySQL 5 Database, PHP 5 and other important packages or extensions. LAMP stack is a group of open source software used to get web servers up and running. The acronym stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. We have already set up a virtual private server that is running Debian, the Linux part is taken care of.