Your Guide to CompTIA Cloud+

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May 10, 2023
Your Guide to CompTIA Cloud+
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With CompTIA Cloud+ certification program, you can develop multi-cloud fluency and gain the skills needed to work in broader IT systems operations.

This vendor-neutral certification validates your competence and expertise in deploying and automating secure cloud environments that support the high availability of business systems and data, making it a great way to start or advance your career in cloud computing. It shows the individual has the specialized expertise needed to work in a cloud environment.

You need to lay the groundwork for a successful cloud career. We recommend learning from up-to-date resources to gain the functional knowledge needed to pass the certification.

The new exam — CV0-003 — which launched on June 9, 2021, comprises five domains.

CompTIA Cloud+
CompTIA Cloud+

Cloud Architecture and Design (13%): This domain validates that you have the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to evaluate multiple cloud models and implement the most suitable one to meet the business requirements.

Security (20%): The Security domain highlights the crucial aspects of cybersecurity when applied to cloud infrastructure, including access control technologies, encryption standards, tunneling protocols, proper OS configuration and virtualization.

Deployment (23%): The Deployment domain assesses your capability to undertake the necessary steps for a successful migration to the cloud, including analyzing system requirements and allocating cloud resources appropriately, as well as making necessary system adjustments to meet the organization’s needs.

Operations and Support (22%): This section focuses on optimizing the cloud environment, automation, backup and recovery for high availability.

Troubleshooting (22%): This domain evaluates your proficiency in resolving capacity, automation, connectivity, and security issues.

Got Questions about CompTIA Cloud+

How to best prepare for the CompTIA Cloud+ exam?

Having a CompTIA Cloud+ Certification is good for those seeking data center roles, such as Sr. Systems Administrator, Cloud Engineer, Systems Engineer, Network Engineer, Cloud Specialist, or Cloud Project Manager.

The right training can help you prepare for technical job interviews and certification exams. With high-quality training resources, you can gain the knowledge to confidently handle technical and security issues, as well as stay up-to-date with the latest technologies that may arise in the near future.

Is CompTIA Cloud+ worth the time?

YES! CompTIA Cloud+ is a global certification program for IT professionals in a wide range of disciplines. Obtaining CompTIA Cloud+ credential, you not only give a kick start to your cloud career but also build up a multi-cloud fluency and gain a strong foothold in the cloud computing by knowing all the latest advancements in the industry.

Is CompTIA Cloud+ right for you?

CompTIA Cloud+ program validates the cloud knowledge and technical expertise needed to administer and secure valuable assets. This program is practically suitable for Cloud Engineers, Cloud Systems Administrator, Cloud Specialists, Network Engineers, SysAdmins, and professionals working in the adjacent fields.

Other Certifications

If you want to explore vendor-specific career paths, we've developed some practical guides with adjunctive resources.

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