pandas for Data Science and Machine Learning

Pandas is a Python library widely used by Data Scientists and Machine Learning engineers/ researchers.

pandas for Data Science and Machine Learning

So you want to learn pandas?

As one of the most popular Python libraries for data science and machine learning, Pandas is a must-know to effectively and efficiently analyze data.

Pandas has a significant share of popularity for practicing effective data science among industry professionals.

It is a powerful data analysis library and has been a very resourceful tool in Spatial Analysis in recent years due to the ever-increasing popularity of applications and services using location services.

Pandas is a really neat, very powerful library for Python that allows you to do almost everything you would ever want to do with data in Python.

Mastering data analysis is critical for data science and machine learning.

And we have curated some of the best courses in this short article to help you become equipped with everything you need to leverage the power of pandas.

Let’s get dive in...

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Best Courses to Learn Pandas for Data Science

By writing this post, we hope to be able to share our knowledge with you making your data science journey as smooth as possible.

Introduction to Data Science in Python

This course will introduce the learner to the basics of the python programming environment, including Pandas for Data Science.

Pandas Joins for Spreadsheet Users

Learn how to effectively and efficiently join datasets in tabular format using the Python Pandas library.

Complete Data Analysis with Pandas: Hands-on Pandas Python

You will learn in-demand skills; Pandas, Sci-kit Learn, Numpy For Data Science & Machine Learning: Seaborn | MatplotLib | Python.

Pandas and NumPy Fundamentals

In this Pandas and NumPy fundamentals course, you will learn how to work with Pandas and NumPy, the two most popular Python open-source libraries for data analysis.


The Ultimate Pandas Bootcamp: Advanced Python Data Analysis

In this course, you'll learn to Master the powerful Pandas library to analyze, manipulate and visualize data.

Data Manipulation with pandas

In this course, you'll learn how to manipulate DataFrames, as you extract, filter, and transform real-world datasets for analysis.


Data Manipulation in Python: A Pandas Crash Course

In this course, you'll learn how to use Python and Pandas for data analysis and data manipulation. Transform, clean, and merge data with Python.

Joining Data with pandas

In this course, you will learn to handle multiple DataFrames by combining, organizing, joining, and reshaping them using pandas.


Data Analysis with Pandas and Python

In this course, you'll analyze data quickly and easily with Python's powerful Pandas library.

Reshaping Data with pandas

In this course, you’ll grow your data scientist and analyst skills as you learn how to wrangle string columns and nested data in a DataFrame.


The Complete Pandas Bootcamp 2022: Data Science with Python

In this course, you'll learn and practice all relevant Pandas methods and workflows with Real-World Datasets.

Streamlined Data Ingestion with pandas

In this course, you’ll use pandas, a major Python library for analytics, to get data from a variety of sources, from spreadsheets of survey responses to a database of public service requests to an API for a popular review site.

Python Data Science with Pandas: Master 12 Advanced Projects

In this bestseller course, you will work with Pandas, SQL Databases, JSON, Web APIs & more to master your real-world Machine Learning & Finance Projects

Analyzing Police Activity with pandas

This course will help you to explore the Stanford Open Policing Project dataset and analyze the impact of gender on police behaviour.

Analyzing Marketing Campaigns with pandas

This course will build on Python and pandas fundamentals, such as merging/slicing datasets, groupby(), correcting data types and visualizing results using matplotlib.

Writing Efficient Code with pandas

This course will build on your knowledge of Python and the pandas library and introduce you to efficient built-in pandas functions to perform tasks faster.

Working with Categorical Data in Python

In this course, you’ll learn how to manipulate and visualize categorical data using pandas and seaborn.

Intermediate Python

Learn to visualize real data with Matplotlib's functions and get acquainted with data structures such as the dictionary and the pandas DataFrame.

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