Composing Music:101 —mini text class

Alright so to help you understand my approach on composing music, I’m going to first give you a little bit of insight to my influences and background.             So, I started going to piano classes when I was, I think 8 years old. I was trained by someone who strongly emphasized on reading sheet music and almost never taught me anything else. So my parents decided to change my teacher and like last time, things didn’t work out for too long so I switched teachers again another 3 times until I started classes with Rebecca. This was when I was, I guess 13 years old? This is around the time I started gaining interest in music. With Becky, I was …

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TensorFlow Tutorial #01 – Google Colab

This eager execution tutorial is about the basics of how to use TensorFlow in a hosted Jupyter Notebook Environment with Colab provisioned by Google. This TensorFlow tutorial series is heavily sourced from the various research articles by TensorFlow Engineers and Google Colab Tutorials with references and credits in the notes. Let’s start !