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Certified GitOps Associate

The Certified GitOps Associate (CGOA) examination provides an opportunity for beginners to demonstrate their understanding of GitOps principles, terminology, and best practices in order to establish a well-managed GitOps software system.
GitOps Certification

A CGOA can understand GitOps patterns, including when and why to use them. They also comprehend the precautions to take regarding tooling for manifest format and packaging, state store systems, and reconciliation engines to adhere to and expand upon GitOps principles.

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GitOps Certification

Certified GitOps Associate (CGOA)

The Certified GitOps Associate (CGOA) Specialist program is a new program designed to assess an individual's knowledge and understanding of GitOps principles, terminology, and best practices.

This certification aims to ensure that professionals are well-equipped to establish and maintain a well-managed GitOps software system. As the demand for GitOps expertise continues to grow, the CGOA program serves as a valuable credential for professionals seeking to advance their careers in the rapidly evolving world of software development and operations.

In addition to understanding GitOps patterns, a CGOA certified professional is also well-versed in the precautions to be taken regarding tooling for manifest format and packaging, state store systems, and reconciliation engines. This knowledge enables them to adhere to and expand upon GitOps principles, ensuring that the software systems they work on are robust, efficient, and secure.

Is it right for you?

The CGOA program is ideally suited for DevOps engineers, platform engineers, software engineers, CI/CD practitioners, and other team members who would build IDPs with GitOps integrated into them.

This program is a practically suitable for professionals looking to establish themselves as experts in the field of GitOps. By obtaining this certification, individuals can demonstrate their commitment to staying current with industry best practices and contribute to the success of their organizations by implementing effective GitOps strategies.


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