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Web3 Developer
$ / year
A Web3 Developer specializes in developing decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts on blockchain platforms, leveraging Web3 technologies to create secure, transparent, and decentralized solutions.
Bachelor's Degree
Flash Developer
$80,000 / year
A Flash Developer designs and develops interactive multimedia applications using Adobe Flash, creating engaging and immersive user experiences.
Bachelor's Degree
Coldfusion Developer
$73,148 / year
A Coldfusion Developer designs and develops web applications using the Coldfusion programming language, creating dynamic and interactive websites.
Bachelor's Degree
Back End Engineer
$90,567 / year
A Back End Engineer specializes in developing the server-side logic and infrastructure of web applications, ensuring efficient data processing and seamless integration with front-end components.
Bachelor's Degree
Chief Security Officer (CISO)
$174,379 / year
A Chief Security Officer (CISO) oversees and manages an organization's information security program, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data and systems.
Master's Degree
eCommerce Analyst
$57,475 / year
An eCommerce Analyst analyzes online sales data and customer behavior, providing insights to improve the performance and profitability of eCommerce platforms.
Bachelor's Degree
Mobile Engineer
$102,028 / year
A Mobile Engineer designs and develops mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms, creating intuitive and user-friendly experiences.
Bachelor's Degree
Embedded Software Developer
$80,668 / year
An Embedded Software Developer designs and develops software for embedded systems, ensuring efficient and reliable performance for hardware devices.
Bachelor's Degree
$73,067 / year
A Cryptologist analyzes and develops cryptographic algorithms and protocols, ensuring secure communication and data protection.
Bachelor's Degree
Full Stack Engineer
$95,740 / year
A Full Stack Engineer designs and develops both the front end and back end of web applications, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.
Bachelor's Degree
Web Architect
$92,168 / year
A Web Architect designs and oversees the architecture of web applications, ensuring scalability, security, and performance.
Bachelor's Degree
Chief Architect, IT
$174,760 / year
A Chief Architect, IT designs and oversees the IT architecture for an organization, ensuring alignment with business goals and technology standards.
Master's Degree
Build Engineer
$81,657 / year
A Build Engineer designs and maintains the build systems and processes for software applications, ensuring efficient and reliable software development workflows.
Bachelor's Degree
Front End Engineer
$81,885 / year
A Front End Engineer designs and develops the user interface of web applications, creating visually appealing and intuitive experiences for users.
Bachelor's Degree
DevOps Architect
$131,120 / year
A DevOps Architect designs and implements DevOps practices and tools, ensuring efficient and reliable software development and deployment processes.
Bachelor's Degree
Informatica Developer
$86,014 / year
An Informatica Developer designs and develops data integration solutions using Informatica software, ensuring efficient and accurate data processing.
Bachelor's Degree
SRE Manager
$140,158 / year
An SRE Manager leads and manages a team of Site Reliability Engineers, ensuring the reliability, scalability, and performance of software systems.
Master's Degree
Ruby Developer
$84,767 / year
A Ruby Developer designs and develops web applications using the Ruby programming language, leveraging its simplicity and elegance to create efficient and scalable solutions.
Bachelor's Degree
Distinguished Engineer
$181,114 / year
A Distinguished Engineer is a highly experienced and respected technical expert who provides strategic guidance and leadership in driving innovation and solving complex engineering challenges.
Master's Degree
Director of Analytics
$133,127 / year
A Director of Analytics oversees the analytics function within an organization, driving data-driven insights and strategies to optimize business performance.
Master's Degree
Programmer Analyst
$70,008 / year
A Programmer Analyst designs and develops software applications, combining programming skills with analytical and problem-solving abilities.
Master's Degree
PHP Developer
$68,315 / year
A PHP Developer creates dynamic and interactive web applications using the PHP programming language, delivering seamless user experiences and robust functionality.
Bachelor's Degree
Staff Software Engineer
$151,894 / year
A Staff Software Engineer designs and develops complex software systems, leveraging advanced programming skills and industry best practices to deliver robust and scalable solutions.
Master's Degree
Vue.js Developer
$82,780 / year
A Vue.js Developer leverages the Vue.js framework to develop scalable and efficient web applications, delivering elegant and responsive user interfaces.
Bachelor's Degree
C# Developer
$78,996 / year
A C# Developer utilizes their expertise in C# programming language to develop efficient and scalable software solutions for various applications and industries.
Bachelor's Degree
C++ Developer
$116,825 / year
A C++ Developer utilizes the C++ programming language to design and develop high-performance software applications, ensuring efficient memory management and optimal performance.
Bachelor's Degree
.NET Developer
$122,374 / year
A .NET Developer utilizes the .NET framework to build robust and scalable applications, leveraging Microsoft technologies to deliver high-performance solutions.
Bachelor's Degree
Computational Biologist
$92,531 / year
A Computational Biologist applies computational techniques to analyze biological data, uncover patterns, and contribute to advancements in fields such as genomics and drug discovery.
Bachelor's Degree
Data Warehouse Analyst
$83,977 / year
A Data Warehouse Analyst designs and maintains data warehouses, optimizing data storage and retrieval for efficient reporting and analysis.
Bachelor's Degree
Computer Scientist
$108,145 / year
A Computer Scientist conducts research, develops algorithms, and designs innovative solutions to complex computational problems, advancing the field of computer science and driving technological advancements.
Master's Degree
Cryptocurrency Analyst
$59,291 / year
A Cryptocurrency Analyst researches and analyzes cryptocurrency markets, evaluates investment opportunities, and provides insights and recommendations to investors and traders.
Bachelor's Degree
Spatial Data Scientist
$97,921 / year
A Spatial Data Scientist analyzes geospatial data, applies statistical and machine learning techniques, and develops models to gain insights and solve spatial problems in various domains.
Master's Degree
Innovation Analyst
$86,145 / year
An Innovation Analyst identifies and evaluates new technologies and trends to drive innovation and improve business processes.
Bachelor's Degree
Data Integration Manager
$117,366 / year
A Data Integration Manager oversees the planning, implementation, and management of data integration solutions, ensuring seamless data flow across systems and applications.
Master's Degree
DevOps Manager
$89,993 / year
A DevOps Manager oversees the integration of development and operations teams, streamlining processes, implementing automation, and ensuring efficient and reliable software delivery.
Master's Degree
Business Intelligence Specialist
$67,939 / year
A Business Intelligence Specialist develops and implements business intelligence solutions, utilizing data visualization tools and techniques to provide actionable insights and support decision-making.
Bachelor's Degree
Javascript Developer
$108,646 / year
A JavaScript Developer designs and develops web applications using JavaScript, creating interactive and dynamic user experiences.
Bachelor's Degree
AWS Network Engineer
$ / year
An AWS Network Engineer designs and implements network solutions on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, ensuring secure and efficient connectivity for AWS-based applications and services.
Bachelor's Degree
Cloud Software Engineer
$106,482 / year
A Cloud Software Engineer designs and develops scalable and secure cloud-based applications, leveraging cloud technologies and infrastructure to deliver efficient and reliable software solutions.
Bachelor's Degree
Network Security Analyst
$77,753 / year
A Network Security Analyst monitors and analyzes network traffic, detects and mitigates security threats, and implements measures to protect the organization's network infrastructure and data.
Bachelor's Degree
Solidity Developer
$69,022 / year
A Solidity Developer specializes in writing smart contracts using the Solidity programming language, enabling the development of decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain.
Bachelor's Degree
Business Intelligence Engineer
$105,209 / year
A Business Intelligence Engineer designs and develops data pipelines and ETL processes, ensuring data quality, availability, and accessibility for business intelligence solutions.
Bachelor's Degree
Business Intelligence Developer
$93,576 / year
A Business Intelligence Developer designs and develops business intelligence solutions, creating data models, ETL processes, and reports to support data analysis and decision-making.
Bachelor's Degree
Digital Product Manager
$121,826 / year
A Digital Product Manager oversees the development and management of digital products, ensuring alignment with customer needs and market trends.
Master's Degree
Amazon Network Engineer
$ / year
An Amazon Network Engineer designs and manages network infrastructure on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, ensuring network performance, security, and scalability for AWS-based applications and services.
Bachelor's Degree
Robotics Scientist
$121,712 / year
A Robotics Scientist designs and develops advanced robotic systems, integrating artificial intelligence, machine learning, and sensor technologies to create autonomous machines that can perform complex tasks.
Master's Degree
Master Data Manager
$84,391 / year
A Master Data Manager oversees the planning, implementation, and management of master data management programs, ensuring data consistency and accuracy.
Master's Degree
Business Intelligence Consultant
$82,307 / year
A Business Intelligence Consultant provides expert advice and guidance on business intelligence strategies and solutions, helping organizations leverage data for competitive advantage.
Bachelor's Degree
Software Product Manager
$104,307 / year
A Software Product Manager oversees the development and management of software products, ensuring alignment with customer needs and market trends.
Master's Degree
AWS Product Manager
$116,483 / year
An AWS Product Manager oversees the development and management of Amazon Web Services (AWS) products, ensuring alignment with customer needs and market trends.
Master's Degree
Unix Administrator
$95,924 / year
A Unix Administrator manages and maintains Unix-based systems, ensuring system stability, security, and performance, and providing technical support and troubleshooting for users.
Bachelor's Degree
CyberSecurity Engineer
$101,121 / year
A Cybersecurity Engineer designs and implements security measures to protect computer systems and networks, conducting vulnerability assessments, developing security policies, and responding to security incidents.
Bachelor's Degree
Business Intelligence Manager
$77,252 / year
A Business Intelligence Manager oversees the development and implementation of business intelligence initiatives, managing teams and resources to deliver actionable insights and drive business growth.
Master's Degree
Ethereum Developer
$ / year
An Ethereum Developer designs and develops applications on the Ethereum blockchain, leveraging smart contracts and decentralized technologies to create innovative solutions.
Bachelor's Degree
CNO (Chief Networking Officer)
$ / year
A CNO is a networking guru who oversees the design, implementation, and maintenance of an organization's network infrastructure, ensuring seamless connectivity and data security.
Bachelor's Degree
Smart Contract Developer
$56,655 / year
A Smart Contract Developer designs and implements self-executing contracts using blockchain technology, enabling secure and automated transactions without intermediaries.
Bachelor's Degree
Information Architect
$108,410 / year
An Information Architect organizes and structures information to optimize its accessibility and usability, creating intuitive navigation systems, categorization schemes, and information hierarchies for digital platforms.
Bachelor's Degree
Algorithm Engineer
$127,040 / year
An Algorithm Engineer is a technical professional who is responsible for designing and implementing algorithms that are used to solve problems or perform tasks. They may also be responsible for maintaining and improving existing algorithms.
Bachelor's Degree
Quantitative Risk Analyst
$90,474 / year
A Quantitative Risk Analyst assesses and manages financial risks, utilizing quantitative models and statistical analysis to evaluate market, credit, and operational risks, and providing recommendations to mitigate potential losses.
Master's Degree
Microsoft Network Engineer
$ / year
A Microsoft Network Engineer designs and manages network infrastructure on the Microsoft Azure platform, ensuring network performance, security, and scalability for Azure-based applications and services.
Bachelor's Degree