If you want to learn WordPress, start with one of these Courses

Right now way over 74,652,825 sites out there are depending on good ol’ WordPress. WordPress is an open-source content management system based on PHP and MySQL.

WordPress is free to install, deploy, and upgrade. Thousands of plugins and templates power a flexible and simple interface, which reduces development costs and deployment time.

There are hundreds of WordPress courses online that teach you how to make your websites with WordPress. So, to help find the right course for you, we have handpicked Top 5 WordPress Courses that are simply best.

So What Should You Learn?

  • Create all kinds of commercial websites, using WordPress, to sell to clients
  • Create and manage a WordPress MultiSite Network
  • Setup an E-Commerce store, Integrate Payment Gateways, Automate reports and more
  • Deploy on Cloud and Activate openSource SSL.
  • Master the inner workings of WordPress, for fixing, troubleshooting, and building websites
  • Sell Website Care and Maintenance Plans to happy clients for recurring revenue
  • Set up a server and hosting environments in the most economical and secure way
  • Build and edit websites within staging and development environments
  • Migrate and transfer WordPress websites from staging to live and vice-versa

The 5 Best WordPress Courses 

Whether you want to learn WordPress from scratch or learn the latest techniques to grow your development skills with WordPress, know that the Internet is a great place to do that.

Please Note: We are not partaking in any kind of affiliate program.

WordPress 101WP101

WP101 is one of the most popular WordPress tutorial courses in the world and has been widely praised as the gold standard for WordPress video tutorials.

Their videos are meticulously scripted with the beginner in mind, then professionally recorded and produced. Each video weighs in at just 5 minutes or less and provides a solid overview of WordPress in a little over an hour.

You can continue learning with more advanced courses, and return anytime for a quick refresher.


Is it right for you?

This is the original WordPress 101 course that’s helped more than two million beginners learn how to use WordPress to build their own website.

By the end of this 23-part course, you’ll have a solid understanding of the WordPress basics. Watch the first four videos for FREE!

WP101 offers All-Access Pass membership that includes unlimited access to 126 videos across 8 courses. Plus, you’ll get every course WP101 creates during the next 12 months!


How to create a website in a Weekend Coursera

Coursera is a venture-backed, education-focused technology company founded by Stanford professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller that offers online courses and is based in Mountain View, CA.

Every course on Coursera is taught by top instructors from the world’s best universities and educational institutions.

Courses include recorded video lectures, auto-graded and peer-reviewed assignments, and community discussion forums. When you complete a course, you’ll receive a shareable electronic Course Certificate.

  • Online and open to everyone
  • Learn a new skill in 4-6 weeks
  • Free Enrollment.
  • Earn a Course Certificate  – Priced at about $29-$99


Is it right for you?

In this project-centered course, you’ll design, build, and publish a basic website that incorporates text, sound, images, hyperlinks, plug-ins, and social media interactivity.

Instructors will provide you with step-by-step instructions, exercises, tips, and tools that enable you to set up a domain name, create an attractive layout for your pages, organize your content properly, ensure that your site functions well across different operating systems and on mobile devices, keep your site safe, and finally, let people know your site is online.

You’ll learn also learn how to track your visitors and throughout the course, you’ll engage in collaboration and discussion with other learners through course forums and peer review.

Once you complete your first website project using WordPress, you can move on to our optional, extended module that covers more advanced techniques such as using a simple text editor, coding in HTML, CSS, and Javascript, and more.


WordPress as a Network: Mastering WordPress Multisite PluralSight

Pluralsight is a publicly held online education company that offers a variety of video training courses for software developers, IT administrators, and creative professionals through its website.

Pluralsight is the largest online tech and creative library on the planet.

There are two amazing things about training with PluralSight:

  1. Their user interface is very well designed and super easy to navigate and use – you won’t get lost, wonder where you are or what the purpose of each page is for. This is essential for a learning environment.
  2. Their WordPress presenter, Chris Reynolds, is slow-paced (in a good way), gradual and extremely clear when teaching. The progress and logic make sense and you can easily follow along. You can both absorb what you’re watching on the screen and what you’re listening to with the vocal instructions.

Course Details: 

  • Instructor: Chris Reynolds
  • Free Trial: 10 Free days (up to 200 minutes)


Is it right for you?

This course will explore WordPress multisite, the technology that powers WordPress.com and shows you how to harness that power for your own sites.

Every single WordPress installation has the potential to launch hundreds of individual sites right inside the main installation with WordPress multisite.

WordPress multisite can be an intimidating beast and is not the best solution for every scenario. This course will look at WordPress Multisite when you would want to use it, how to deal with the new administrative features, and how to implement and develop multisite-specific functionality


WordPress: eCommerce Lynda

Lynda.com was founded by Lynda Weinman, a self-taught computer teacher, author, educator, speaker, and entrepreneur and now in partnership with LinkedIn.

Lynda.com is an American online education company offering video courses taught by industry experts in software, creative, and business skills.

With the availability of really high-quality content, it is now possible to learn how to build an eCommerce store with WordPress things within days that otherwise would have taken months.

Course Details:

  • Instructor: Patrick Rauland
  • Free Trial: 1 Month Trial


Is it right for you?

If you want to build an online store? Build it with WordPress and take advantage of all the sophisticated plugins and rich development features the platform has to offer.

To start, you need to understand the market for your product or service so you can build your website around it. So Patrick Rauland kicks off with some key questions that will help you define your audience and organize your products.

He’ll then help you set up a payment gateway with PayPal or Stripe, ship orders, collect taxes, and secure sensitive data. And if you weren’t convinced already, Patrick reviews the benefits of WordPress eCommerce tools as well as a selection of third-party tools that integrate beautifully with WordPress.

Plus, get the bonus tips on marketing your new website: attracting and retaining customers and increasing the value of the average order.


WordPress Freelancing 101 Stacksocial

Business, blog, or brand, everyone needs a web presence these days, and if your site isn’t up to par, readers, fans, and potential clients will go elsewhere.

Take this course to watch the live communication between a web designer and client to understand the essential questions that should always be asked before initiating a project.

StackSocial scours the web for the newest software, gadgets & web services.

Course Details: 

  • Instructor: Rob Cubbon
  • Price: Free


Is it right for you?

From elevator pitch to closing statements, you’ll gain valuable insights into how to develop your freelancing business. You’ll be consistently turning out successful projects for happy clients in no time.

  • Access 14 lectures & 1 hour of content for Free
  • Understand the client’s elevator pitch: “who you are and what you do”
  • Choose a strong domain name
  • Select a web host & the connecting domain name
  • Define the website’s purpose
  • Understand your target market
  • Assess previous design material & website competitors

Thanks for making it to the end ;~)

These handpicked list of WordPress Courses can transform you into a WordPress wizard. So, go ahead and learn to say Hello World…!

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