A hand-picked list of Best Email Clients for freelancers

A reliable email client comes with security features that will keep your data protected at all times

A hand-picked list of Best Email Clients for freelancers

As a freelancer, it's hard to determine the best solution for choosing the right email client because you don’t want to navigate from page to page filling with passwords and OTPs.

It's time consuming, we know.

So, In this article, we want to address that problem quickly to help you choose the best email client that suits your need.

Overall, we found that there are many email clients for Windows, some of which are also available on macOS and mobile devices.

Below, you will find a compiled list of email applications to help you make the right decision.

Let’s jump right in.

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7 Best Email Clients for Productivity in 2022

These Email Clients are available for Windows, macOS, and mobile devices to help you streamline your email experience with a simple interface for maximum efficiency.

Zoho Mail

Zoho mail service is simply best for Freelancers, Startups and even businesses.

You can choose a Forever Free Plan with your own domain name and create 5 user accounts with 5GB storage per user account.

It is an award-winning service provider providing free professional email service with an email client for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android.

Zoho email service is really fast and offers good protection against fake and suspicious emails.

Zoho Network security system is strong, it employs the latest encryption and prevention technologies and intrusion detection.

Their offer Forever Free plan offer remains unmatchable on the internet and you can access technical support free as well.


Spark mail app is elegant, packed with features that stand out and is one of the best email clients in the market.

Spark employs smart features to offer Intelligent email prioritization and noise reduction with a smart unified inbox.

You can organize your communications and follow up or track a conversation and also share links to specific conversations.

Sadly, it is not available for Windows OS but you can use it on macOS, iOS, and Android.

Spark automatically categorizes notifications and newsletters for you to easily find them and you can even schedule your emails to send later.

You can start for free and if your needs grow, you can upgrade your account.

Spark is suitable for both personal and business use.

eM Client

eM Client has been around for nearly a decade, and it’s the best alternative email client for Windows devices.

eM Client is packed with features and usability options making it currently the best alternative email client for Windows.

eM Client aims to enhance the email experience by enabling its users to check your emails on several devices or filtering HTML designs that litter your inbox.

It comes with a rich notification experience, secure connection, multiple accounts support, option to connect over Tor or VPN for extra privacy, and more.

INKY – Phishing Email Security

Inky is an email client designed to make reading and writing emails as secure as possible.

It uses machine learning and AI to block dangerous content, and lets you see sent and received emails in a separate window.

Inky’s minimalist user interface makes it easy to use and there are no buttons or menus.

So, all actions are performed via gesture and we can say that Inky has zero UI.

Inky employs AI and ML capabilities to learn how you use your email account so that it can start identifying phishing sites and display a warning if you visit one.

Inky is a great email client and good for maintaining security.


Thunderbird is a free email program that’s easy to set up and customize. It’s loaded with great features, like advanced search, a spam blocker, built-in RSS feeds and more.

It offers an extremely simple layout, making it straightforward to access your email folders, search the web, and check the news.

Thunderbird does more than just send and receive messages.

You can send customized autoresponders to everyone who emails you, have all your mail downloaded to your computer automatically using the POP3 or IMAP protocol.

You can customize your account settings with the five pre-loaded themes, and use the search feature to find any piece of mail in a flash.

Thunderbird makes emailing and saving attachments easy.


Spike makes it simple to manage your emails for personal and business use.

Its Conversational email feature helps emails into tasks and it is a collaborative email platform that helps businesses to connect and create in order to achieve more.

The collaborative documents feature helps you to save feedback and edits in the cloud, while Notes keep all your thoughts organized.

And with Calendar included in every message you send and receive, managing your calendar feels as natural as writing an email.

Spike is the best combination of email, tasks, and note-taking for mobile.


Mailbird is an email client that saves you time managing multiple accounts, and its easy and beautiful design makes your emails stand out to get more attention. Mailbird is available in two versions for personal and business uses.

Mailbird’s ease of use makes it the ideal choice for anyone looking for a competent email client.

The Personal Account is free and ideal for people who juggle multiple email accounts.

And the Business version is suitable for businesses or teams for a unified inbox management system, bookmarks, and contacts, as well as more security options.

Mailbird also offers unlimited storage space with a one-click setup for Gmail, Outlook, and Exchange accounts, making it incredibly easy to use and is great for beginners!

Mail and Calendar by Microsoft

It may be small, but this nifty app is mighty. Mail and Calendar combine the desktop version of Microsoft’s long-standing email application with its proprietary calendar software.

Microsoft Mail is the most powerful email service that’s different from what most people are used to.

It’s perfect for home users who don’t need the full functionality offered by Outlook and can act as a hub for contacts if you use other Microsoft accounts and online services.

Mail and Calendar are integrated into Windows 10, making it easy to switch between the two apps.

Microsoft Mail and Calendar is an easy-to-use, lightweight email client. It’s ideal for users who want a powerful email experience without the bulk of Outlook or the other mail clients on the market.

Microsoft Outlook for Home

Microsoft’s Outlook is the de facto email client for most businesses and enterprises and has been around for decades, with its origins dating back to MS-DOS.

Outlook is built for getting things done – and brings email, calendars, contacts, tasks, and notes together into one simple experience.

Outlook offers close integration with other Microsoft services which takes email experience beyond the simple exchange of messages.

It’s fast, and easy to get organized with minimal setup.

Whether it’s on your laptop or on the go with your device, switching between devices is easy with features like “Continue on PC”.


That wraps up our list of the best email clients. But what about you? If you had to recommend the best email clients, which would you add?  Let us know in the comments below!

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